New signs in the woods.

As you wander through Nightingale Valley you might notice a few new signposts. Friends of Brislington Brook have managed to get funding for these signposts from CIL funding.

This is a fund created from money paid by developers to local causes. There are some more signs going up in St Annes Woods tomorrow too.

Let us know what you think.undefined

Covid-19 Message to parks volunteers.

From: Bristol Park Volunteers
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 19:10
Subject: Volunteering in Parks – COVID19

Dear All Parks Volunteers,

A personal thank you, alongside an ask to remain indoors where possible.

You will have seen the changing advice about being in, volunteering in and using parks over the past week. Most of you should have received the guidance from myself and Jon James, Head of Parks via the Bristol Parks Forum regular updates, but I wanted to ensure we haven’t missed anyone with regard to volunteering specifically.

To be clear, the decision for the time being is that all group park volunteering activities are postponed. Please continue to act on this decision and put the health of everyone around you, as well as yourself, above all else. It’s heartening to see so many groups already sharing positive messages about their green spaces and bringing the community together through memories, photos and plans for better times.

We understand that it will be difficult having to pause projects you have planned, or see some projects you had started fall slightly by the wayside. However, I’m fairly certain that once all of this gets better, we will have a renewed shared energy across Bristol and the world to work together to protect, enhance and enjoy our green spaces.

For now, please stay updated via:

These guidelines and decisions are changing on a daily basis and will be made in order to protect the health of everyone. The Mayor announced this afternoon that all park facilities are also closed, in a bid to further encourage us to all do our bit and stay home as much as possible.

There will also be updates via the Bristol Parks Forum, so if you haven’t already signed up to this mailing list please do so here.

Until we are able to meet, I’d like to thank you for putting your community first, being ambassadors of your local green spaces and helping the Parks Service look after these incredibly valuable assets. If you would like to find out how you can volunteer or help safely during this time, visit Can Do Bristol for ways to act locally.

Wishing you all the very best,

Ella Hogg – Volunteer Coordinator Bristol Parks

07/12/19 – Final Work Party for 2019.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came along this morning and gave 100% clearing the steps in both Nightingale Valley and St Annes Woods. We couldn’t do it without your support!! A huge THANK YOU to local resident Judi for making some AMAZING coffee and home made cake for the end of the session (it really was the only thing that kept me going). And a giant THANK YOU to Tesco Brislington for their donation towards our refreshments (today we really did deserve it at the end!)…Oh and HO HO HO to Santa who came to pay us a visit at the start!!

07/12/19 – Clearing the Woodland Steps.

Right then lovely FoBBers… TODAY is your last opportunity to help us out in 2019!!! The more people that give us a hand the more we can achieve. The leaves on the steps are really slippery and we want to make our beautiful woodland as accessible as possible over the winter months. If you can’t make it please share our event with anyone you think might like to join us. We have some equipment but if you have a spare rake etc please bring it along. See you 10am between Brooklea Health Centre and Wicklea School.

2019 Clean Streets Heros!

A huge THANK YOU to our local councillor Tony R Carey for nominating us for a 2019 Bristol Waste “Clean Streets Hero” award.

Guess what…. we won! So a BIG THANK YOU to Bristol Waste for recognising our hard work with keeping Nightingale Valley, St Annes Woods and Brislington Brook as litter free as we can!

We know we couldn’t have won it without all the support from our local (and not so local) very loyal volunteers. Through rain and shine you come along to give us a hand. So a BIG THANK YOU to you ALL!!!!

22/11/19 – Evening Owl Prowl along Brislington Brook.

The Friends of Brislington Brook are excited to host another Owl Prowl along Brislington Brook as a pre Christmas treat for you all.

On Friday 22 November Paul Golledge and Dave Knowles have kindly agreed to bring their beautiful birds and guide us through the Woodland to locate our own wild owls.

However, places will be limited for everyone’s enjoyment.

Places are FREE but must be booked in advance. Once confirmed you will be emailed with details of the starting time and meeting point.

To book a place please email and include the number of people you wish to bring with you (including any children who attend) and your contact telephone number.

The event is for adults and children but please be aware there needs to be complete silence to hear any owl calls. Please wear warm clothes and shoes, and bring a torch.

This event is funded by the Friends of Brislington Brook. We will be asking for donations on the evening to be able to offer similar events in the future.

04/09/19 A.G.M SUMMARY.

What an exciting evening the FOBB Steering Group have had… we have some exciting news to share…. the election results are as follows:

*Julian Thomas (Chair 2015-2019) stood down and has been replaced by Andy Coogan.

*Andy Coogan (Secretary 2016-2019) stood down and has been replaced by joint Secretaries Andrew Knight & Mary Churchill.

*Claire Dowling (Treasurer 2011-present) remains in post.

We are all very excited to see how much we can achieve in the coming year (September 2019 – September 2020). Watch this space or come along and join our steering group.

24/02/19 – Rescheduled Bramble Bash.

Fancy making a difference in your local community? Got no plans tomorrow morning? Please do pop along to St Annes Woods and give us a hand with our rescheduled bramble bash. We have lots of tools and just need the people to use them. Meeting 10am at the co-op entrance to St Annes Woods or 10:15 (ish) at St Annes Well. Please share with anyone you think might want to give us a hand. Thanks. FoBB.

09/02/19 – Second Bramble Bash in St Annes Woods.

Fingers crossed the Met Office is right but it looks like me might have a dry bramble bashing session?! And an even greater incentive to come and join us… a local resident has offered to bring us mugs of home made soup to keep us warm during the morning!!!!! If you have no plans please do come and join us. This is our last bramble session before nesting season. Let’s make it a productive one! See you at 10am Coop round-a-bout entrance to St Annes Woods or anytime after at St Annes Well. We aim to finish by midday.