2017 FoBB Working Party Pictures.

Saturday 04 November 2017 – Monthly Volunteers Work Party in Nightingale Valley.

Fantastic turn out for our monthly work party. Autumn is such a wonderful time in our gem of a woodland. And now it’s got a lot less litter for everyone’s pleasure. Thank you to the very hard working team of community volunteers.

Wednesday 12 July 2017 – Wild Wednesday Evening Himalayan Balsam pull #3

Another fantastic evening of balsam pulling, and this time in St Annes Woods. The woods are looking perfect for the St Annes Day Pageant this Saturday.

Wednesday 28 June 2017 – Wild Wednesday Evening Himalayan Balsam pull #2

Our second Wild Wednesday Himalayan Balsam pull in Nightingale Valley. A fantastic group of people and a VERY productive 2hrs. Thank you everyone for your time and support. It makes a huge difference.

Wednesday 24 May 2017 – Wild Wednesday Evening Himalayan Balsam pull #1

What a fantastic turn out for our first Wild Wednesday Evening event. The weather was fantastic, everyone came along raring to go, and what a phenomenal amount of balsam pulled. You are all amazing for giving it 110% on a very warm evening.

Saturday 06 May 2017 – Himalayan Balsam pull and Brook litter pick in Nightingale Valley.

Our first Himalayan Balsam pull of 2017. Concentrating on the banks of the Brislington Brook and woodland area around the boat screen area. Also clearing some litter from a very low Brislington Brook. Fantastic turn out and a really productive 2 hours. Thank you all for your time, energy and support.

Sunday 09 April 2017 – The Big Clean Up in Nightingale Valley.

Fantastic bunch of local (and not so local) people came together to ensure the woodland of Nightingale Valley is as litter free as possible. The results of what can be achieved in as little as two hours is amazing. Thank you soooo much to everyone who gave up their morning, as your hard work has made a huge difference.

Saturday 11 March 2017 – The Big Clean Up In St Anne’s Woods.

Wow what a turn out of fantastic people… everyone got right into the woods and collected a phenomenal amount of rubbish. Thank you so much, you all made a massive difference 🙂

Sunday 05 February 2017 – Bramble Bash Working Party in St Anne’s Woods #2

Second working party for 2017 picked up from where the first one left off bramble bashing above St Anne’s Well. Again a fantastic amount of bramble cleared in just 2 hours by our dedicated team of volunteers. 

Saturday 14 January 2017 – Bramble Bash Working Party in St Anne’s Woods #1

First work party of 2017. Bramble bashing above St Anne’s Well. 2 hours and a massive amount of bramble cleared by a fantastic group of volunteers. Well done everyone. What a massive achievement!