Bristol Post Airbus Community Award… Drum Roll Please…..

At the end of February 2017 the Friends of Brislington Brook put out a request for help to collect Bristol Post tokens to try and win a share of £10,000 Airbus Community Awards. The first prize is worth £3,500, second £2,000, third £1,000 and seven runners up of £500. With the help of the internet and social media we spread the message far and wide, hoping that people would see the value of our work and donate any tokens received in the papers. 

The competition closed on Monday 20 March 2017, and we have been completely overwhelmed by the level of support from the local community, collecting and donating Airbus tokens. If ever we have wondered if our work in Nightingale Valley and St Anne’s Woods is appreciated by the people of South Bristol, this competition has definitely shown us that it is.

The local people of BS4, and surrounding areas of BS3 and BS5, have donated their tokens in their thousands… now this is the bit you have all been waiting for…..

The final numbers are in….. we have to submit the tokens in booklets of 500 tokens and have have printed, and glued a total of 121 booklets….. with a phenomenal grand total of…….

60,595 tokens. 

We couldn’t have done it without you all getting behind us, and this competition, with every one of you wanting us to come away with some of the prize money. We many not hear the results for a while but as soon as we do you will be the first to know.

Whether we win or lose this has been a fantastic experience for FoBB and we have met some wonderful local people, while out collecting tokens, whom we may never have spoken with had it not been for this competition. 

Whatever the final result the Friends of Brislington Brook thank you all for your amazing support and hope this has raised the profile of our group and you might consider coming along and joining us on a future work party, hosted event, steering group meeting or one of our social gatherings? 

Thanks again.

Mary & the Friends of Brislington Brook team.



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