Bristol Post Airbus Community Awards 2017… the winners are announced….

Well the wait is over…. the 1.5million+ tokens have been counted by the Bristol Post and the top 10 winning entrants have today attended a presentation at Airbus to confirm the winners and the runners up. During the presentation we were told 84 groups had applied to be part of the 2017 Awards but only 10 would take home a share of the £10,000 donated by Airbus. The winners were announced in ascending order and the Friends of Brislington Brook were awarded the fourth prize of £500. 

This money means a huge amount to our little group but we wouldn’t have received anything without YOUR help! We keep saying it but we have been overwhelmed by the level of support given by the local community with collecting Bristol Post tokens, and being told it’s in recognition for our hard work and commitment working in the local area. To make it into the top 10 and receive the sum of £500 is all thanks to YOU!

In the coming days / weeks we will be asking for your feedback on how you think the money should be spent within the group (we have some suggestions, so watch this space for further details). But for tonight, please celebrate with us in hearing this fantastic news and share it with anyone you know who helped us to achieve this result. 

From everyone on the steering group – Friends of Brislington Brook.


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