2018 FoBB Work Party Pictures

13 January 2018: Litter Pick through Nightingale Valley

Fantastic turn out for our first work party of 2018 in Nightingale Valley. Thank you to Ben J, Sue T, Sylvia M, Kerry & Tom A, Theresa P, Maggie H, Lee J, Sarah & Frank R, Nanette B, Andrew K, Tony C, Barry G, Julian T, Mary C for give it 100%. Lovely to meet asome new faces. Its amazing what can be achieved in 90mins of picking and 30min of clearing up. We couldn’t achieve so much without your support!

jan cover

10 February 2018: The BIG clean-up in St Annes Woods

What a fantastic turn out for our first event for 2018 in St Annes Woods. A massive amount of litter was collected and the woodland is looking beautiful again. A huge thank you to Chris M, Lisa B, Sylvia M, Claudine & Tom H, Lee J, Liz H, Theresa P, Sue T, Andy K & Joe K, Kerry & Tom A, Esther C, Terry H, Ben J, Dougal M, Barry G, Julian T, Mary C for your amazing effort, we couldn’t do it without you!! Also a huge thank you to Kev H for the donation of 12 brand new high viz tabards following our shout out for any donations. Don’t they look fab (and so much easier to locate everyone litter picking in the woodland)!

Feb cover

14 April 2018: Clearing sycamore and litter in Nightingale Valley

Wow another great turn out for Spring work party in Nightingale Valley. Thank you to Theresa P, Tomi L, Sylvia M, Claudine & Tom H, Anne F, Helen W, Barry G, Claire & Steve D, Andy C, Julian T, Mary C. It was very productive day and we cleared a lot of the self seeded sycamore along the brook edge and litter picked the woodland areas. We couldn’t do it without you!

april cover

12 May 2018: Woodland Management in Nightingale Valley

A beautiful sunny day for a litter pick in Nightingale Valley and some sycamore coppicing. We are sorry we don’t have any photo record of this event. If you took any pictures please do send them our way. A huge thank you to Sara M, Terry H, Claudine & Tom H, Tomi L, Max, Dave & Austin J, Andy & Joe K, Claire & Steve D, Tony C. It was a very productive event.

09 June 2018: The BIG Pull with The Good Gym

A huge thank you to FoBB volunteers Dave & Austin J, Anne F, Caroline B, Ben M, Claire & Steve D, Tony C, Julian T, Mary & Nathan C. And a huge thank you to all the volunteers from The Good Gym Bristol. We didn’t get all our names but you got stuck right in as soon as you joined us.


13 June 2018: Wild Wednesday Evening – The BIG Pull #1

A fantastic first evening Himalayan Balsam pull in Nightingale Valley. A huge thank you to Sylvia M, Neil G, June A, Cathy D, Andy C, Dave J, Julian T, Mary C. We ventured into an area where we hadn’t pulled before so some of it was pretty big!


18 July 2018: Wild Wednesday Evening – The BIG Pull #2

Another fantastic evening Himalayan Balsam pull in Nightingale Valley. You wouldn’t believe how much we can achieve in just 2 hours. Huge thank you to Cathy D, Sylvia M, Claudine H, Tomi L, Andy C, Steve & Claire D, Julian T, Mary C.


08 August 2018: Wild Wednesday Evening – The BIG Pull #3

Four volunteers pulled a massive amount of flowering Balsam along the Brislington Brook in St Annes Woods on the final Wild Wednesday evening session of 2018. Huge thank you to Anne F, Dave J, Julian T, Mary C. It would of been better to have more of us but still achieved so much!


21 October 2018: Autumn Litter Blitz in St Annes Woods

Wow what a massive turn out of people for our litter pick this morning. You are all AMAZING and we can’t believe how much rubbish we cleared in just 2 hours. Thank you all for your support – Theresa P, Jen & Toby C-A, Simon D, Matthew P, Patsy F & Stuart H & kids, Judy P, Davina B, Michele M, Colette L, Denise L, Steven S, Tom & Claudine H, Jim M, Pippa F, Tomi L, James R & kids, Dougal M, Nathan & Mary C, Barry G, Andy C, Tony C, Julian T.


10 November 2018: Clearing the steps into Nightingale Valley.

The weather was not going to stop 5 determined volunteers! What an amazing result. We cleared the steps leading from the valley floor up to the Brooklea/Wick Road entrance to Nightingale Valley.  Thank you Pauline C, Ben J, Julian T, Mary & Nathan C.


09 December 2018: Final litter pick of 2018 in St Annes Woods.

Wow what an amazing amount of rubbish removed on our final work party for 2018.  Thank you Clare F, Tom & Claudine H, Lee J, Nathan & Mary C, Andy & Stephanie M-C, Julian T.