24/02/19 – Rescheduled Bramble Bash.

Fancy making a difference in your local community? Got no plans tomorrow morning? Please do pop along to St Annes Woods and give us a hand with our rescheduled bramble bash. We have lots of tools and just need the people to use them. Meeting 10am at the co-op entrance to St Annes Woods or 10:15 (ish) at St Annes Well. Please share with anyone you think might want to give us a hand. Thanks. FoBB.


09/02/19 – Second Bramble Bash in St Annes Woods.

Fingers crossed the Met Office is right but it looks like me might have a dry bramble bashing session?! And an even greater incentive to come and join us… a local resident has offered to bring us mugs of home made soup to keep us warm during the morning!!!!! If you have no plans please do come and join us. This is our last bramble session before nesting season. Let’s make it a productive one! See you at 10am Coop round-a-bout entrance to St Annes Woods or anytime after at St Annes Well. We aim to finish by midday.

06/02/19 Himalayan Balsam.

Thank you to Neil Green, from Avon Invasion Species, for giving up his Wednesday evening and sharing his vast knowledge on the invasive species Himalayan Balsam [Impatiens Glandulifera]. Even those of us who thought we knew about the subject learnt lots of new and interesting facts.

If you have ever been in doubt as to whether to pull it up, or leave it to flower for the Bees, then Neil paints a very clear picture on the negative impact the Balsam can have on our native species, woodland areas and riverbeds.

Everyone present agreed that Balsam needs to be managed, and removed as much as possible, as the negative impacts far out way the only positive for the bees. The Friends of Brislington Brook will continue to arrange Himalayan Balsam pulling events in both Nightingale Valley and St Annes Woods, so if you would like to give us a hand please get in touch to find out when our next session is.

If you couldn’t attend our discussion with Neil, please check out the following links for more information:



18/01/19 – Woodland Owl Prowl.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to David & Paul for another successful Woodland Owl Prowl. We loved their beautiful little owl and barn owl. We heard lots of wild owls calling and one group even saw one flying. If you have any pictures please do share them with us. And THANK YOU to everyone who donated so generously. We covered our costs for the evening and will be able to put on another owl prowl in the future (if people want another one next year?).

05/12/18 – FoBB Christmas Social.

The Friends of Brislington Brook Christmas Social 2018.
Venue confirmed… Spice Bazaar, Brislington Hill, have welcomed us back for another year (if Tony Carey promises to bring his guitar). We have booked a table for 12 but this can be increased if you want to come and join us (it’s not too late). This year we will not be having the party menu then everyone can order exactly what they want from the general menu. If you have any questions please do give us a shout. See you on Wednesday 🙂

October 2018 – FoBB Update.

Evening everyone. I am going to try and use this website more to keep people who don’t tend to use social media updated. Now autumn is on it’s way there is no better time to get out there and enjoy our beautiful woodland which Brislington Brook flows through. Our steering group meeting on Wednesday 3rd October will be planning for Saturdays 6th October’s “BIG DIG” volunteering event. We will be undertaking the second phase of the pond renovation in Nightingale Valley and we need all the hand we can get to make it a really productive work party. If you know anyone who might want to come along, grab a spade, and get stuck in then please do share our event details.