Events with Steve England.

Due to the success of our recent Wild Food Forage with Steve England, the Friends of Brislington Brook are looking at running future events with Steve, but before anything is confirmed we want to know what events people would like to attend in Nightingale Valley and St Anne’s Woods?

The possible options are as follows….

A Walk On The Wild Side.

Cost £7.00pp / Group size: 30 people age 7+/ Duration: 2 hours / Time of year: Before November.

Overview: On the walk Steve will lead the group around the valley looking at the various plant life and wildlife,  looking for both medicinal and edible plants, while highlighting those that are poisonous or even fatal if consumed.

Bush Craft For Beginners.

Cost: £15.00 / Group size: 15 people age 7+ / Duration: 4 hours / Time of year: Before winter.

Overview: Steve will lead the group round the valley identifying various plants and things that can used in bush craft / survival, including forest foods and fire lighting skills. The group will identify fungi that can be used for fire, learn how to light a fire with freshly cut wet wood, and identify rocks that can be used to sharpen a knife. The group will then have the opportunity to make small fires and cook some foods (not provided).

Geology Walk & Fossil Hunting.

Cost: £9.00pp / Group size: 20 people age 7+ / Duration: 3 hours / Time of year: Before Autumn.

Overview: Steve will explore the unique geology of the valley comprising of two time periods. The group will find out what these two time periods are, search for fossil evidence, and clean and identify any findings to piece together the prehistoric past of the valley. 

We need your feedback……

If you are interesting in attending any of the above events please email and, once we have the appropriate numbers interested, a date will be confirmed with Steve England.

If you express an interest then you will be given an advanced opportunity for booking a course prior to it being generally advertised on our website. Once a place is reserved payment is required and money will only be refunded if the event is cancelled and you are unable to make any rescheduled date.