Brislington Green Trail Initiative

At the end of 2018 the Friends of Brislington Brook put in a combined bid with other local groups to the community income levy. As part of the Brislington Green Trail initiative we aim to make several improvement in Nightingale Valley and St Annes Wood.

Our bid was successful and the first task from our “wish list” was to improve the somewhat neglected St Annes Well, in St Annes Woods. Over the years corporate volunteers have made improvements to the ground around the Well, but vandalism has taken it’s toll on the Well itself.

We employed a local stonemason and in early March 2019 work commenced on rebuilding the Well to it’s former glory.

We hope you are as impressed with the final results as we are. Now we just need to find a way of stopping the water from within the Well seeping out underground and soaking the surrounding area over the winter months. If you think you might be able to assist us with stage 2 please do get in touch.